Should I Hire A String Quartet, Trio or Duo for My Wedding?

string quartet hire

That’s a great question. To be honest, there is not a lot of difference in volume produced by a string quartet compared to a duo, but there of course is a difference in ensemble size and price. 

String quartets are quintessential and are what most people think of when they plan to hire musicians for their wedding ceremony or event. The look is traditional, elegant and the sound and harmony is utterly sumptuous. The cost of hiring a string quartet is of course higher than that of a smaller ensemble, and the 4-person ensemble is well suited to larger venues and spaces. You really can’t go wrong with a string quartet, and we have a huge amount of classical and pop arrangements on offer.

Most music is written specifically for a quartet or a duo, so the music for a string trio is usually adapted from that of a quartet, especially with pop arrangements. This is a feasible option and still sounds great, providing the arrangements are carefully chosen, and here at London Strings we only want to provide you with the best performance possible, so that is no problem! 

A piano trio is a different story, and highly recommended if you have a grand piano in the venue and wish to utilise it! The music available for piano trio (piano, violin and cello) is huge and we have a large amount of pop and classical arrangements.

Our violin and cello duo is a very popular option due to the huge scope of music available, smaller ensemble size, and the cheaper hire cost compared to a string quartet. A duo can play just about anything, and the music is very easy to source. A duo looks and sounds  stunning, too! London Strings offers both acoustic and electric duo, and the duo can perform various pop arrangements with backing tracks. Whilst nothing beats the sound of a beautiful, traditional acoustic violin and cello, if you have a huge venue then the electric instruments and/or backing tracks will carry to all corners of the room.

Lastly, a solo instrument. This is a great option for those on a tight budget, still wanting some elegance and live music brought to their special event. We would still recommend a violin and cello duo over a solo violinist or cellist, because both melody, rhythm and harmony is very important in a piece of music, and it is impossible for a solo instrument to do all three of these things (unless the piece of music is written specifically for solo, or the solo instrument is a piano!) However, hiring our violinist with backing tracks is another way to remedy this, so do inquire about that option if you wish. You can also hire a solo pianist from London Strings, perfect for all occasions and styles of music.

We are here to help you make a decision, remember in the end it’s your day –  and our professional musicians will deliver a stunning performance whether you opt for solo, duo, trio or string quartet! Please get in touch with any queries, we will be delighted to hear from you!